Courtesy of a bad experience with an "easy-out" by yours truly my mechanic will be replacing the cylinder head(s) on one side of the 1600cc engine block in my '73 Super to fix a very annoying and power-stealing exhaust leak. Oops...

I'm looking at roughly $500 to replace one side of the block and roughly $750 to replace cylinder heads on both sides of the block.

The exhaust leak is only on one side of the block. The other side is working fine. Am wondering if I should go ahead and bite the bullet and replace the heads on the functioning side of the engine while I'm at it. Any recommendations?

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Wow, that's pricey.  Is he doing all the work or are you bringing him the engine?  The problem with only replacing one head is that you now have to match the new head to the old head.  You want to make sure that all four combustion chambers are matched for volume.  If the other head is mechanically sound, then I'd have it freshened up and call it good.  By that I mean a complete valve job.  New exh valves, intakes if needed, guides if needed and dress up the seats.  Also, regardless of what he tells you (many shops ignore this) just because the head is new and complete doesn't mean it's ready to bolt on.  The valves should be hand lapped into the seats and checked with dychem.  IF all that is being done and he's pulling the engine, then I'd say the price is reasonable.  To have the other head freshened up should cost no more than $100 plus parts (common per head price), and that's with a good three angle valve job.  --Ryan

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Thanks for the info, definitely. He is doing all of the work and pulling the engine. Appreciate the advise! -Matt
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Make sure He is a VW Mechanic.... ie.. He knows about VW engines etc..

I've seen some terrible things done by "Mechanics" who were never taught how to work on a VW Engine.....

Make sure Hes not learning on Your engine....

Best of luck

Sure does sound expensive to Me though....


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