Where is a good place to purchase replacement body parts, Have been looking around heard some good and bad reports on JC Whitney, JCW does not include what gage there panels are...........Anybody have any advice...? 

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I haven't heard anything bad about JC Whitney, but their prices are a bit on the inexpensive (read cheap) side, so I'd wonder about the quality myself. CIP http://www2.cip1.com/?Click=30260 has good prices, good quality and ships some items for free to the US and Canada.


OE Veedub http://www.oeveedub.com/ is also known for bringing in quality panels from Italy and other countries.


Good luck,

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I never dealt with JC but have bought from CIP ( never had any problems),I know alot of people that buy from Wolfsburg West and love the quality of their stuff.I bought all the rubber from Wolfsburg and the quality is top notch ,so I will buy from them again.
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