It's a stockish 77 Super with FI. I's like to remove the standard  airbox and Paper Element Filter and instal a flange that will bolt direct to the AFM and then instal a nice big cylindrical or cone shaped performance filter. Problem seems to be finding the flange to fit the rather small square-ish opening at the AFM (I could easily redrill the bolt hole config) any ideas about this setup? I thinks this baby needs to BREATHE! and that's my idea. Any idea where to get such a basic flange? I'm even thinking motorcycle or Kart suppliers? I could try and fab one but that's a last resort-especially welding aluminum and ensuring airtightness.

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Eric S.
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I put a K&N filter in my fuel injected Super Beetle, but I got one that replaced the stock paper filter. Along with a Pertronix ignition it made a HUGE difference in gas mileage and performance.

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