Has anyone used a remote oil cooler? I'm thinking about running one on the engine I just finished. Mainly because it's going in a Split bus and it has, in the past, had a tendency to overheat. There are 2 options, one with electric fan, and one that is just like a normal oil cooler just mounted away from the heat of the engine. I guess my main question is are they strictly for full flow setups? It seems there would be a pressure issue, pushing oil through a longer distance. Any opinions or advice welcome. Thanks.

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As long as it is a closed system, pressure should not be an issue.  I have seenpeople put coolers on their Baja Bugs on top, or on th e side of the busses.  One installation I saw suggested mounting it on the bottom of the rear luggage compartment, above the transmission.  You will want to have some sort of thermostatic switch, to help with warm up, and probably mount some sort of electric fan to give some air flow when not moving

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It works better with a full flow setup because you can leave your stock cooler intact. That way you get all of the cooling of stock and add whatever the remote cooler has.

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As stated above, it's best to use a cooler with a full flow setup.  Other methods either don't route all of the oil out of the case or may have some inherant pressure issues on their own.  My setup has maybe 10'-11' of oil line in all for both a filter and a cooler.  Pressure loss with all that isn't worth worrying about, it's next to nothing.  Avoid 90 degree fittings (the kind that make a sharp turn) at all cost to prevent pressure loss.  Either run 6" more line to make the turn, or use a 90 degree fitting that is a radiused piece of tubing.

My setup uses a fan mounted on the cooler and the whole assembly is tucked up under the package tray just above the tranny.  An electrical thermostat is needed to turn the fan on only when needed.  This is in addition to a mechanical thermostat to bypass the cooler alltogether when the oil is still cool.

On top of all that, a temp gauge is really a good idea to be sure that you're oil is getting up to temp, cool oil is bad too.  --Ryan

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