Will rear fenders from a 74 fit on a 73? I'm asking this because of the shock asorbing bumpers and the new body dimensions that were introduced on the 74. Also, would you recomend repairing front fenders that have rustholes around headlight buckets or just buying good used ones?



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yup they fit you just have to run different bumpers, all the mount holes are the same though. Just get good used front bumpers it's not worth the headache trying to fab headlamp pieces

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Yes, I agree,

with any fender problems... just replace them...

but I've never seen a beetle with a hole in a fender in Australia..

its usually dents that have them replaced...

or hitting a Kangaroo.....


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Come to Indiana and you see rust holes in cars that are less then 10 years old.  The Fenders on my '73 were beyond repair

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