well i got it was the lifters all a long..i tapped on them and now im loveing my bug more than ever..thanks for all the help...

Mike and Midnight (1973 vw beetle)
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Good to hear that you have solved the mystery.  At this juncture it wouldn't be a bad idea to check your valve lashes again.
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Glad to hear it! Now change the oil few times,It's cheap insurance. As I said the first few changes you want to run some ATF Dextron III in it to clean it up,don't even drive it just idle it around enough to get up to running temp and then dump it and do it again. do this two to three times and then start on short trips. Let us know how it runs after a week or two.
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good to hear,  (very good) when you do the final fill of oil use a non-deterdent oil like castrol gtx.

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