Just a quick question. I did do the search but did not see what I was looking for (maybe I over looked it). I have a 73 super. I was wanting to wire my radio to a switched acc power, but I can't seem to find one  on my car. Is it suppose to have a switched acc position. If so what color wire/s should I be looking for. Maybe my switch is bad.

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As I recall you have t tie the hot wire into a wire coming off the fuse box that is only hot when the key is on.  I had a problem with this 16 years ago when I installed my Sony ....seems at night when lights etc are on and you hit the brakes it put too much strain on the electrical system and the lights would dim.  I had to rewire the hot wire to one that was always hot. Never have figured that out I just have to pop the face plate pmn the stereo when car is not in use or it runs the battery down eventually. I don't think there's an accessory switch.

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I cant remember the exact collor but there should already be a wire the for the original radio that is hot only when the key is on,
You can also use a test light on the back of the ignition switch to find the wire.
There is no ACC position on the switch itself its either off, on, or start.

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