In racing jargon, if someone says, "We're racing heads up, engine vs engine." what does that mean? I am assuming "heads up" is a cool way of saying the engines are running without the aid of anything such as nitrous. Is that a correct assumption?


Also, while driving back from Jacksonville, FL this weekend, we drove through several small towns since we skipped I-4 and that traffic nightmare. Anyway, we came through this one small town, the speed limit dropped to 35 and the sign said, "Welcome to Starke. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Engine Braking Prohibited." I figured "Engine Braking" referred to downshifting to slow down. But I didn't understand why that would be prohibited. There must be some sort of legitimate reason or they would not have had it on their sign in bold letters. Anyone know what that is or why it would be prohibited?

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   with my limited race knowledge, racing heads up refers to both cars starting at the same time like top fuel dragsters or funny  cars. bracket racing has cars starting at different times based on there qualifying speed. Your question about engine braking probably refers to big rig trucks they often have engine brakes (jake brakes) they use the engine compression to slow the truck saving wear on the wheel brakes alot of towns are banning the use due to the noise.

      hopefully this is some help


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