I got the engine installed this weekend and got her running. There are a few things that need attention before final tuning can be done, but in the mean time I have a few questions:
The block is a 1970 "B" type, but the Dizzy numbers match the original 1974 setup. 1970 calls for timing set at TDC while 1974 calls for 7 1/2 BTDC. So where to set the timing would be first.
Second I'm not sure about using the Single Vac Dizzy with this set up. I have connected the Vac line to the carb on the 3-4 side. When I connect the dwell meter to it, as I raise the RPM's the dwell closes, but only by a few degrees. Am I going to have to change it out for a 009?
Third these carbs have two places to connect the linkage to, there is good clearance to both. I'm planning on driving street/highway, would the lower of the two be better for this? Thinking that it would give a smoother curve requiring more peddle travel.
Thanks All
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Use the holes on the linkage closest to the end (lower holes) this will allow full travel.
Every engine is slightly different since you have an SVDA dist. time it to approx 7.5 degrees mine ran better at closer to 8 but 7.5 is a good start.

I also got better response by adding a "T" to the vacum lines and running it from both carbs. allthough many have said that is not required it seemed to work better
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