The old girl has all her welding done, heat channels,floors,quarter panels and much more. After a little bondo work she will be ready for paint. The problem is I can't decide what colour. I hope to be driving her by mid July and my question is....If I decide not to paint now should I cover her with an everyday primer or should I use an epoxy primer. I will take all suggestions for I know very little about epoxy primer.

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I'm afraid You will have to ask an auto painter
epoxy anything is usually the best and most expensive..
I know i read that undercoat or primer doesn't actually seal the body from water...??
I found it easy to pick a color...
My Son picked the color plus He painted My beetle for me..
My beetle was white originally, and I probably would have kept it white...  lol...
its also best to paint Your car before adding the windows etc..
to stop all the body rusting...
especially under the windscreen / rear window rubber
My Wife and Myself always buy White colored cars when buying a new car...
White used to be the most popular color in Australia
Metallic silver has taken over...

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Thanks for the advice. I think I will just go ahead and paint it. I'm thinking of going yellow for I looked at a 73 and fell in love with yellow. I can still get the original 74 yellow at the supply shop I go to.
Thanks again
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You could do teh standard '74 Yellow and then shoot a silver pearl tinted clear over it. Someting a little different, but it's certainly set it off from teh rest of teh crowd.
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last time i painted the bug, i used PPG acrylic laquer...
nice flow, easy to work with,,,a billion colors....
not sure what i'll use this time round...
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I'm using some cheap brand.  I can get it at Wal-Mart.  I think it's called Krylon .  Just about any color you want.  Sprays out of the can easily .  I'm using satin black. 

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bugman I am going the same way as you are. Are you going to primer it first or just spaying it?
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if your going to wait to paint your car, dont leave it in bondo. you need to prime it so it doesnt rust. epoxy primer is your best bet, its no-pourse, (sp) so it tolerates the elements better. dont leave it in primer too long cause it will, eventually rust underneath and you wont know it till after its too late.

DP-90 by ppg is probly the best one out there

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damn, im gonna have to spray some spraycan clear coat over my white primer.. i dont want it to rust..lol..

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