I'm throwing a set of NGK B6HS in my 75 Beetle that has a Pertronix ignitor with flame thrower coil. The recommended gap is .028 but I've read to gap them wider with a CDI ignition. Here's something that I found at another site:

  • Set the gap between the bottom bent electrode and the center straight electrode to 0.028" using the feeler gauge on the gapping tool. The bent electrode can be carefully bent in and out with the gapping tool to make the adjustment.
  • Note: If you have a capacitive discharge ignition (CDI) system installed in your car, the spark plugs should be gapped to 0.040".
    Wayne Dean
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    Wayne let me know how that works out. I've got that exact set-up and gapped mine at .028 Everything seems fine, but I wonder if I could be getting more power? .028 to .040 is a decent size jump. do you know what the basis of theory is for the bigger gap?
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    I went to the Pertronix web site and they suggest increasing the gap by .005, so that would be .033. I'm going to set them to .035 and spilt the difference. I'll pop them in on the weekend and report back.
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    The Pertronix setup is not a CDI, it only replaces the points.  I'd run .030" and call it good.  Depending on a host of other 'conditions' .035" and up can start introducing issues with a stock setup.  I'm not saying it won't work, but if you try it and things start getting fishy then you know where to look for a solution.
    Good call on NGK plugs, I'll never use Bosch again.  If you feel like experimenting, try B'P'6HS.  I prefer the projected tip plugs over normal plugs.  --Ryan
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    I have an electronic ignition system I have built to put in My beetle, and it puts out much more Voltage than the standard system....
    It still uses a standard coil, but the higher output Coils usually used on VWs in Australia called a Bosch GT40, are NOT recommended as they overheat with the higher voltages...   so I'm running a standard coil at the moment....
    and wider gaps are recommended....
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