I'm the proud owner of my first VW. A '72 SB with a sunroof. I've been craving a beetle for years and I finally made it a reality 2 months ago. My new neighbors brought Her out of storage and within 24 hours I was knocking on their door inquiring about their intentions. The rest is history. She had been parked in the same spot since 1999 so some major cosmetic work will be vital to bring Her glow back. There's a fair amount of rust on Her, the seals and dash are all dried up, one fender is banged up, the headliner and seats are pretty worn, and various connections are unstable. The mechanical side of Her appears to be in decent shape. Thanks to all of you on this forum and a local friend, we had Her cranked up with a fairly smooth idle in no time. I'm working on some electrical issues right now so I'll let you know if I get stumped on anything. There is one mechanical issue that concerns me. I can get started in 1st gear but she pops out shortly after. The other gears don't give me any problems, even reverse. The only thing we've done so far is adjust the clutch. That didn't have any any impact whatsoever. Will replacing the shift rod bushing fix my problem or do I have a serious issue on my hands? My mechanical knowledge is novice at best so every issue will be new for me. My friend has taught me a lot already but explanations still need to come in simple form. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, even with other areas that should be addressed when starting out. I'm having a great time with my new beetle and look forward to the years ahead. Thanks for the help and have a great day.
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I believe you have something wrong with you trans. what it is I do not know. A book that Irecommend is John Muir's How to Keep your Volkswagen Alive (amazon.com is the cheapest). I hope you have fun with your bug!

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Hi Dave,


Yes it sounds like you have a problem in Your gearbox,

or hopefully in the gearlever assy ...

but there are detents in the gearbox that hold it in gear...

so maybe one of these isn't working....


there is a small inexpensive plastic bush under the gearlever assembly slightly towards the rear of the car...

I haven't replaced My bush yet but I do have one as a spare..

I have heard its a fiddly job replacing it...

but in many cars these bushes are finally wearing out...


You should look at the end of the gearlever shaft under the rear seat to see if it has come loose... as someone suggested..

that would be an easy fix...

is there any chance someone has had the gearlever base assy off??

as it has to be in the correct spot to select the gears...

also the reverse lockout plate can wear or even break or crack...

hopefully its one of these easy fix problems....


best of Luck


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 Also check the mount at the tranny nose ... heck better check um all

If the tranny moves that will do it. for sure
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