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It's a standard '74 not a super. Here it is with the roof rack.

1974 Standard Blueberry Beetle
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Daniel Mosher
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Here's mine....opinions welcome. I am going to drop it 3" using topline's super low kit...what size tires do you think I should run to give it that "no gap" between fender and rubber look? 

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Just make sure You can turn without the tires touching the fenders...

The front of My 68 Beetle is too low.. I have to adjust it... soon, as My Son bought Me some wide chromed rims...

The flexplate bolt on My beetle [flywheel on manual beetle] sounds like it has come loose... I remembered after I installed the engine last time that I hadn't done it up with the torque wrench etc...

I did use locktie.. & thought it would hold....

I'll find out soon when I take the engine out...


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