Duh!  Would help if I actually attached the photos, eh?


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So what's the latest on your new Bug?

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Well, I guess I can jump in here if you don't mind Daniel.

I've been grinding some bad rust areas around the rear luggage area over the engine. Never seen anything like it. It's like the car was rusting from the inside out or something. My guess is it had/has a leaky rear window seal and over time soaked into the carpet and started eating away at the metal.

I've got it cleaned up pretty well and should have the new metal welded in within the next week or so if my donor car comes through for me. From there it'll be thrown on the trailer and taken to Daniel in Mich. for the engine and tranny swap. It's taken a bit longer than planned due to the lack of worthy donor cars here in the midwest, that, and an intense work schedule hasn't helped any.

I hoping to have the whole deal done by the New Year. I've been taking some pics as well. May be a worthy Spotlight car when it's all said and done!




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Hi Steve,

bad luck with the rust...

Maybe, You have rust under the rear window seal too..

I had two small spots of rust under My rear window seal...

but that was all...

I suppose the seals shrink or stop sealing when the rubber goes hard...

I coated under all My window rubbers with a few coats of fish oil...  so it shouldn't rust again...

there are a few small holes under the rear window and the windscreen, for water to exit... on all beetles.

the water goes into the front boot from under the windscreen,

which isn't good...  the rear ones just go into the engine compartment...




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