My valve covers are leaking oil.  I had a mind to use silicon between the gasket and the cover (not on the head) to resolve the problem, but I thought I would get other advise before doing this.


Please let me know if there is a better way.



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Try bending the bails a lttle bit to add pressure. They get worn out after awhile. A new set is really cheap. You can get both covers and bails brand new for under $20. You could go with bolt-ons too. If you use a sealant just make sure you use it on the cover side and not the head. Good luck!

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Use of sealant is normal between the gasket and the cover.  Even my oldest Muir book (late 60s?) says to use it.

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I tried the silicone and took it for a short ride last night.  So far, it seems to have worked.  I didn't see a drop!  Hopefully, it lasts.  If not, I will invests in some new covers.


Thanks for the help.

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I have found it rather easy to stop them from leaking...

the rocker cover has to be PERFECTLY clean so the silicon can stick to it and the same with the gasket....  let the silicon start to dry and then I also give the other side of the  gasket a light coat too... and make sure there is no oil on the engine surface where the gasket goes.....

there are other gasket cements available that are non-silicone...

My Son always has leaking tappet covers and it only takes Me 1/2 an hour to stop them from leaking... I use a new gasket as his are always oily....  If You add a layer of gasket cement between cover & gasket , and let it dry, this actually makes the gasket/cover thicker and helps put MORE pressure on the cover... without renewing the bales....

I've never seen New bails for sale in Australia....


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If the mounting surface of the VC is flat all the way around, it won't leak.  I can actually reuse old oily gaskets and still be leak free.  The valve covers and bails are from a parts pile at my local shop and is original 30+ year old equipment.  I've even had success straightening a few for friends that went on to be leak free.  You'll usually find the lower corners are warped away from the head side, usually because people pry them off here.  --Ryan

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