OK, after working up the courage to change the oil myself (for the first time since I was a young thang), 2 of the studs on the plate came completely out of the engine with the nuts still attached. I have gingerly screwed them back in but am not sure I did the right thing??? What do you recommend at this point??? They went back in easily- I didn't force anything. As this is a '79, of course I have to remove the six nuts every oil change since there is no drain plug. Thanks in advance for your help.
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before i got a deep sump the same thing happened to me and i just put them back in the way they came out. i don't think it's bad that the nuts are still stuck on the stud but you should put a little dab of thread lock on the stud to make sure it doesn't back out unexpectedly.
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You did the right thing. This does happen with those studs from time to time. You could order an earlier sump plate that has a removable bolt in the center fro draining. Then all you have to do is take that out and the oil will drain out the way it does in other cars.

If the block ever gets stripped you can buy a step-stud (6mm to 8mm) from Volkswagen to correct the problem as well (I've had to do it in mine).

Click here to read about "Oil change and strainer" from Tech Talk with Rick, located in the Tech Section
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Yes, it does happen from time to time.. and a bit of thread-lock loctite etc should keep the threads locked in..
Its just that the thread hits the end of the capped nut and locks up... and the stud is unscrewed..
It doesn't take much to strip small threads like that Wayne.. it pays to use a small spanner and just tighten the nuts and check every now & then, its best to park Your Beetle over a piece of white cardboard or any clean board so You can see when its dripping oil... most do anyway, but if You can stop a leak its a Bonus...

VW changed the sump plate to stop people changing the oil without cleaning the strainer... well, I had VWs in the 60s & 70s and never ever took the plate off!! I just did what everyone else did.. took the drain plug out..
Another Invention - the Magnetic Drain plug - this should attract any pieces of metal floating in the oil... if the particle is too large to get into the strainer- it won't be sucked up with the oil pump.. anyway...

I have added a CB Performance Maxi Sump which has a finer gauze filter- to My Beetle's engine. My sump plug is a temperature sender... another invention..
will these inventions never stop!!

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