This really isn't a VW bus site, but I am a sucker for them, and have been looking for a nice one for awhile.  A co-worker told me about one she had seen for sale while visiting their property way out in the boonies.  I jumped in my car, and took her hand-drawn map, expecting to find a rusted out clunker sitting with weeds growing up through the floorpans.  After a 35 minute drive way out in the boonies down a dirt road, I found the bus- a '73 with a home done paint job, but done reasonably well in the original blue and white colors.  All glass intact, almost no rust, no major damage of any kind, floorpans solid, interior missing carpet and padding, but clean, and the best part, it runs sweet and fresh, great trannie and suspension and steering as tight as the day it was made. All the window rubber is hard and dry, possibly indicating a Southwest car.  I fell in love with it at first sight. The guy wants 3500.00 rock-bottom price, and it comes with a full set of extra glass, extra sliding door, extra tailgate, and other stuff.  My wife says "NO WAY!" to another vehicle right now, so I am licking my wounds, but of course she is, they just don't show up in Ohio like this one, though.  (this one's been sitting in a barn for years)  I just can't bear parting with my '64 sedan right after finishing it, which is the only way she'll let me get the bus. 

John Scribner

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I know what you mean John. I'm in Ky, right by Cincy, and you don't find deals like that ever! We're looking for another bus right now while putting the 59 back together. We're going on our honeymoon for our 1st anniversary in July with all intentions of bringing a bus back with us. We've been scouring the ads religiously everyday. Of course anything close by is way out of our range if it's in good shape.Usually at least $5K. So far, the best one is in Florida! I feel your pain! LOL!!
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Talk about memories! I made the mistake of purchasing a 73 red and white VW bus without conferring with my wife when we were relatively newlyweds.  HUGE mistake.  I learned a life lesson there.  She's a red headed Irish Indian....................nuff said.

We about froze to death one time on a trip as there's not much between you and the cold wind when you're sailin' down the freeway and it's freezin' cold.  It was like driving a wall down the road.  Guess I'm a true blue "bugger" now.



Loren R. Knapp
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