Just got myself a 71 Super for 200 bucks and decided to join the group here.

I owned two other beetles back in my high school and college days...a 68 std and a 73 super. So while I'm a newbie to the site I have had a 'bug affair' for many years and really looking forward to getting going on my resto project.

A little bit about the current super and how I got it. Found this sitting behind the fence of a foreclosed home about 2 blocks from my house and by luck some friends knew the owner. The car had sat for 8 years and hadn't been started in six, the last time it was registered was 02. Previous owner said the motor was rebuilt and only had 30k on it (I found reciepts confirming this in the glovebox later), but didn't know if it would run. Originally he wanted 400 for it, I told him if he could get it running I would give him that if not my offer was 2 weeks later he called and accepted. Towed her home and spent a couple of days cleaning 8 years worth of grime off. Did an oil change and cleaned out the gas tank. Put a couple gallons of gas in and attempted to fire it up...took about 5 minutes but then music to my ears. Its alive!!!! I couldn't believe that after six years it would start right up. So I had to see if it was driveable. Got in and sure enough took a couple of victory laps around the block! The motor ran strong, but needs a good tune up, carb adjust and cleaning which I will be doing here soon. The body is solid with no rust in the heater channels, pan (except for the obligatory battery area) and wheel wells Wiring seems to be in pretty good shape but haven't gotten too far into it yet. The interior is the worst of it and will need to be totally redone. The previous owner ripped off the dash and tor apart the headliner so I figure I will just gut it and start fresh. Sorry for the long post, just really excited to have picked up a project and am ready to get it going!

I will get some photos up here in a few days.
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Cool! sounds like a great find. Also welcome to the forum
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Glad to have ya!  Good luck with your project.  You'll find everything you need here.

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Here are a few shot of the new beast...I will be getting some better ones of the engine compartment and interior this weekend!!

Thanks for the welcome!!
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Looks like a good buy
I've seen beetles in much worse condition bodywise
so looks like You have a good one...
apart from the interior...
PS: No such thing as a long post... lol
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You didn't buy the bug - for that price you stole it !  I just saw one up here in Southern Ontario go for $ 1500 and it was not remotely in the shape that yours is.  Now, hit the books, decide what you want your machine to be and go for it.  You already have a great start.
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That was a steal of a price.
From the looks in the pictures you could probably buff that paint out and it will look real good

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Running condition for 200? Pats on the back are deserved, a good restoration project starts with a good buying price and goes from there. Congratulations, have an idea of what you want to do with it? Stock look? Something different?
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That's a super deal(pun intended)  but really that would have cost you $2k in this area.  check it out with a fine tooth comb now, make sure all the brake lines are in good shape  look in the inspection holes of the backing plates to see what your shoes look like and that there is not any vi sable wetness(leaking fluid)  look at all the fuel lines, the ones under the tank never seems to be replaced till I get to  and do or have your loco aircooled vw shop check the engine with a compression test and go from there. (yes I meant loco as in you have to be crazy to do this full time)

In my experience you could spend $1000 to $1500 just getting any old car truly road worthy, Beetles seem less and so   it looks like your way ahead in the game.

welcome and again nice super
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