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I own a 1971 Super Beetle Convertible. I bought last year and stuck it in my garage. I redid the floors and didn't touch it until 2 weeks ago. I started fooling around with the brakes and looking it over real good. I plan on making this my summer project. I have discovered some rust under the rear seat and that is what I need help with.


My rust is in the heater channel where it connects to the rear wheel well and to what I would call the inner quarter support. Most of the heater channel is rotted away in the back there (about 8-10 inches). I also have a hole in the wheel well on the pass side. I am going to try to post pictures here.


The channel looks like it was repaired with bondo  about 8-10 inches in front of that. The rest looks great from the middle of door area up. The rockers are good. Under the car the the supports (or I guess rails) are soild with no rust and have a nice sound when I rap on them. The door posts (where they latch) are solid with no movement. Basically every thing looks, feels, and sounds solid. Up front is solid as well.  


My question is can this be repaired using sheet metal? I did a search for heater channel replacement on the internet. Let me say this...Wow. I don't want to get into that. Is my car worth restoring? All the other parts of the car are solid including the outer body panels with no rust.


I was planning on getting a parts car this weekend that is 1k. It comes with fiberglass panels and a bunch of parts. I would like to get that car to help me with this one. But there is no point on getting that car if mine needs a heater channel replacement. Sorry about the long winded typing. I just want to explain this the best I can. there is no one in the local area (that I know of) that can help me make up my mind on if I should keep it or sell it.


Also a list of the repair panels I need would really help.





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I had the same kind of rust in at the back of my channels. I cut the metal out and welded some new metal in. I sealed it all with POR15 and that was 5 or 6 years ago. I think you need to see just how bad the rust on the channels is before you go sinking a ton of $ into your Beetle. Price out of heater channels and see what a local body shop would charge to change them.

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