How's everyone doing?  Just picked up my first bug yesterday.  It's a 74 super.  It's not in too bad of shape.  A couple major rust spots that need to be taken care of, but it's really not that big of a spot.  The floor boards aren't too bad either.  Driver side has alot of surface rust, but that's easy to fix.  One small hole (just a little bit smaller than a dime) under the driver seat.  Trunk lid should be replaced, but I think it may not be beyond repair just quite yet.  All the fenders are almost immaculate.  Nothing beyond the normal road and door dings.  Motor ran when it was parked, but the carb was taken off and the belt is dry rotted, but it should run.  I've tried to turn it and it turns freely.  I thought it had a 4speed tranny, but the shift pattern says it has park, rev, low, 1st, and 2nd.  That tells me it's an auto, but it's got a clutch????  I'm confused.  Anyhow, I've done alot of reading on this site and in these forums researching the sb over the last couple of months.  It's a great site and I hope to get all the help I can get from you guys.  Thanks in advance from a vw newbie.

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Welcome to our family of V-dubbers in cyber space.  If I were you I'd change it over to a standard if instead of an automatic.  I can't imagine what fun there would be in driving an automatic Bug.
Maybe it's just me though.
Anyway...nice to have you with us.
Loren R. Knapp
In The Hot Sonoran Desert of Arizona - 73 Super Beetle "The Blues."
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Welcome to the world of Volkswagen....

When you said it has a clutch....

Do You mean a clutch pedal????

as Semi autos don't have a clutch pedal, but they do have a clutch,

vacuum operated... by a set of electrical points in the bottom of the gear lever...


Many of these cars have been changed over to manual....

but they are still fun to drive Loren...

Its the same as driving a normal bug, only slower...

unless the 3 forward gears are used then they do go OK....

but I'm happy to drive around My town in top gear all the time...

its gives people time to admire My beetle.... 


I've never actually heard of a semi automatic beetle with the park feature in Australia....  they were the last of the semi autos....

so it could be a rare beetle... with the semi auto gearbox...




Lee Noonan - 68AutoBug -- Australia --






68AutoBug - helping keep air cooled Volkswagens alive in Australia & around the World -

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Hi BugMan, Welcome to the aircooled group. Your shift pattern is on the ashtray cover. Does it have a clutch PEDAL? That's a big clue. There are some evil people out there, maybe somebody stole the original ashtray and the previous owner replaced it with whatever he could buy at the time. I've had my 72 super for a couple of years. We've become good friends. It has its own personality. I can tell how its running by how the engine, cooling fan and drive line sounds, even though it has some gauges and idiot lights in the speedo housing.   Aufwiedersehen, beetledon   PS - oh yes, I forgot, mine is a Michigan bug, never winter driven and I've replaced the windshield with one I bought from a bug junkyard and it has a 1987 Texas inspection sticker on it. I left it on to confuse people.

72 blue super
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Hey guys.  Thanks for the warm welcome.  Yes there is a clutch pedal, and the shift pattern is on the dash just under and to the right of the speedo.  I've included a pic.

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Well there you go, chances are someone went in and changed it to a manual, which is a pitty because the auto are a rare find now, even if people say they have less power... like lee said just gives everyone longger to see your cool very rare beetle.

1600cc biggest most powerful engine for a stock beetle. Power house!:) Smokes the tires in first in the rain
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Hey Guys!

I'm still looking around for my first Bug here in Germany and I found a 73 1303LS two streets over from me. I haven't gone to see the car yet, but I was wondering what you all think about the Automatics. I've read on the forums that they have less spunk but I'm wondering about the quality also. Are they reliable, etc. or will I want to convert it over to manual? How involved is this process? Has anyone out there ever done one of these conversions?


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Hey Bugman welcome to the aircooled world.  It would be easy to tell if your 74 has been converted by looking at the right side wall of the engine compartment. is there a large hole there.

Martin I have done many  auto to manul conversions and its not that difficult a good afternoon if you have all the needed parts and don't need to install a clutch tube in the tunnel (68 to 71)

The only problem I ever have with driving an auto stick is I have a tendince to rest my hand on the shifter which will disingage the auto sticks clutch.
saving as many as I can
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