Just purchased a 73? super for my daughter to drive. I haven't driven a VW since my dad built a pipe buggy when I was a teenager.
I usually drive something with a few more cylinders (Chevy's mostly)
So far I need a left hand taillight assembly, a carb rebuild and small repairs to the hood latch(after I manage to get it open). of course it needs interior work, it was built in 73 after all.
I almost forgot the best part. The Speedo indicates 27k and the body seems to indicate that it is correct.
The most recent owner bought it for her son and he didn't want it, so she wanted it gone from her driveway. I gave $1k for it.
My daughter is psyched and my wallet isn't hurting too bad...yet

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Welcome  always glad to get another VW nut brought in to the fold. As far as driving them chevys I used to do that too but... follow a few of the hints in the tech articles and you'll be fight'n your daughter for the keys in no time.
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Just a word to the wise.  A VW bug aint no Chevy.  A shade tree mechanic that hasn't got any aircooled time under his belt can often do more damage than good.  You will find a ton of help here and great advice.  These little cars will run and run IF you take care if them.  Good luck and welcome.

Loren R. Knapp
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Yeah, what they said! No, seriously, these are wonderful little cars with their own personality that win hearts but they definately need attention. And if a person is willing to give it, the little guys will take you anywhere!

Welcome to the forum!
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27K  miles and for $1000 your way ahead of the game.  I would say if your daughter is to drive this think disc brake conversion and electronic ignition along with new fuel lines and H4 headlights if there's any chance she will drive at night.

struts, tie rods , steering dampener and rear shocks make up all the suspension.

The nice thing about a beetle is there basic and if she gets bug fever she will take car of it,  its lasted 36yrs it can last another 36 if maintained.

saving as many as I can
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Welcome aboard! If your wallet isn't hurting yet, it may be in the future. It's hard to buy just one thing for a bug without buying several. They're addictive!

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Thanks all for the welcome. I do have some history with VW, mostly from pre-teen years. My Grandfather never drove anything except VW. I remember My dad repainting his Bug with a siphon type blowgun (like you use to spray solvent/degreaser on parts) attached to a coffee can with a copper tube. He also had a Gia that I used to sit in in his barn, I don't even remember if it ran. He also had a Westy? that he took us all from Cooperstown, NY to Punta Gorda, Fl in. The only reason I remember that is that I was amazed that the fridge was cold while driving.
My mother had a Bug when I was a teen but it wasn't fast enough to interest me much.
There is a bug place in Forest Park, Ga that will probably be VERY happy that I now own a Super.
I will try to load a pic if I can figure it out
WOW that is easy Here's another of the only rust problem I have found so far

it is actually a 74 (what a newb)
addition to the history above:
my brother came home from Va. after discharge in the mid 70's with a 67 Bug with some upgrades. We were at the lake that weekend and my sister thought it sounded like the boat which had wet exhaust and said it sounded like it was blowing bubbles. My brother's Bug instantly became "Bubbles"
When my daughter heard that story she though that was a great car name. She then found the original owners manual and Warranty info under her pass seat. His? last name was Bailey, so Bailey it is with the nick name Bubbles

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That looks great I bet a good buff job and it would look near new. (and yes pictures after would be great) and I can see that lasting another 35

saving as many as I can
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OK, here's what I've learned so far.
The moths have been at the battery box, this is the first rust I've found.
The engine is not a 1300, Carb is a 30pict1 and it sits on a single port intake

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very typical with the rust there , i would say 9 out of 10 either has or had at one time rust in that spot. but still a very solid looking car, pull the engine , get or build you a 1600 or 1641 dual port with a solex 34pic3 and that will be plenty strong enough for your daughter to drive. i used to have a 73 super with 1641 and never had a problem keeping up with traffic on the hiway.

just my 2 cents

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