My wife and I just bought a 74 Super beetle. I've had three other bugs before, but never a SB.  Got a few questions.  I get a loud clunk on the right side front suspension when I go over a bump or loud pothole.  The only other problem is that I have to fight to get this thing in 1st when I'm at a stop.  Any ideas?  Anything ese I should know about these things?  Other than that, it's pretty solid and I got it for a good price.  At least for the D.C. area!


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Awesome!!! I just got a '74 as well. I can't help you, I'm a novice at this, but it's fun as hell learning. It's fun to drive as well. Got any pics?
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Welcome to SuperBeetles.....

Is the spare tire laying flat or standing upright?

All Supers had the spare laying flat...

The noise may be a suspension rubber worn out ....

Most Supers need all the front suspension rubbers renewed to make them handle like new.... depends how long since yours was done...

Best of Luck


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Welcome and congrat's on your first super. I got mine about a year ago. I've had a lot of  VW's but not supers. The front end problem I can't give any definitive knowledge about as I haven't really worked on mine yet. The shifter, though, is a common problem with a couple of relatively inexpensive and simple fixes. You should do a search for shifter problems and there will be a lot of  answers to read. Have fun with your new car.

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Welcome to "the buggers" piece of Cyper Space! Of the 3 different types of VW's I've had over the years going back to 1965 I'd say my Super is my favorite.



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Thanks for all the comments.  My wife loves the car.  It was tough talking her out of a V8, but all is good. 

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Mazel Tov on your first Super, guy!  For Beetles, I've only really ever preferred Supers.  1974 is, actually, my favorite year in S.B.'s.  At that point, in my opinion, the Super had reach its pinnacle, prior to becoming fuel injected the following year.  Not to impugne F.I., for they're great, but I'm speaking of the original, carborated jobies.  Type 1303's are excellent cars!


Yes, mine makes the same "clunk" on the same side, but only if I'm breaking and I go over a rough bit of road at the same time.  It's the rubber.  I need to get under there and replace it soon!  My Type 1302 Super Beetle is my daily driver, however, and it's some times hard to prioritize when to take him off of the road long enough to work on his little foibles.


Is your car a fully manual transmission, or a 3-speed Auto Stick?  Depending on this, and a few other variables, your problem could be anything from timing, to the shifter forks in the tranny, to the nose cone on the tranny.  Lots of knowledgeable people on here, and many resources from which to derive information.  Not to worry, either way.  It's a fairly common condition that can be remedied, depending upon the source of the problem.  I'm a novice VW owner myself, so I'm only learning as I go along too!  I won't pretend to know the answer.


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Thanks.  I've had the car looked at by the guys at Peek Performance and got the shifting problem fixed.  Turns out that this car was an auto-stick.  When the 4 speed was installed the guy "modified" the shift rod to "work".  Yes, that is sarcasm.  Had to have a new shift rod and bushings installed along with a sweet Empi shifter.


As for the clunk, I had my tie rods replaced along with the u-joint on the steering column.  That fixed that clunk.  Now I notice all the others.  Bad bushings, exhaust header hitting the body, etc...  You all know the drill of an east coast car being driven hard.  I've got some work to do. 

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glad you got the shift rod figured out. When you have a few minutes you might take that Empi  shifter  and drill out the four rivets and replace them with bolts. Saves you the trouble of shearing off the rivets in a few weeks or so which happens a lot with those including mine.

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