I have a 1973 Superbeetle. I've had it for almost 25 years (bought from original owner for $650 -- it now has over 359,000 miles on it and counting - NO rebuilds) It's the only car I've ever owned.

I live in HOT, HOT Southern California, and my husband wants me to buy a new car with air conditioning. I don't WANT a new car - I love my Bug!

I am looking to see if anyone knows anything about installing A/C in Superbeetles -- I was thinking of removing the back seat and putting it in there (along with a good stereo, while they're at it). I also need new window rubber on the doors, wing-flap windows, and a new paint job. Baby's looking a little rough.

So does anybody know who can help me with some high-performance modifications on my Baby?

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I live in the Sonoran desert here in Arizona. It gets up to 110 degrees. I have AC in my 73 Super Beetle. Bought it new with AC. Have replaced the old cast iron compressor years ago with one of the newer lighter styles that doesn't pull the engine down as much when on. I wouldn't own a car with out AC. One of the girls in the Tucson Bug Club had AC installed in her 71 Bug. Cost her $1500. They didn't use the right bracket hook up for the AC and she had this gawd-awful hole cut in the deck lid with a chrome vent over it to allow room for the compressor. The unit worked OK, but was butchered on the installation. Go to someone who knows what they're doing.
The blower unit is in the trunk and more of the system is tucked up under the front end of the car. I do recommend the cool air stand-offs for the deck lid to be installed each summer.
Loren R. Knapp
In The Hot Sonoran Desert of Arizona - 73 Super Beetle "The Blues."
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I am going to fit air con to My Beetle in the near future.
Its a 68 model with an NOS 76 engine lid. I also have stand offs to be fitted in the summer months..
I am going to fit the air con compressor just neext to the alternator on the RHS, NOT the left hand side.. Only modifications I have to make are: where to pour the oil into the engine.. I have to make up something..
Air Con Beetles are very rare in Australia.. but with 100+F temps for months last summer... there will probably be a few by next summer.. someone has just started bringing in kits from Malaysia or Singapore, where its compulsary, or You ride a motor cycle.. Very high humidity + temps..


Lee --
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