My dad just bought a 1971 super beetle and I am looking to help him restore it. The engine and everything runs perfect, The interior is where the money is going to be spent. He wants to restore it to its original state. It has all the carpeting in it and the seats are fine. The things that need the most attention are the headliner and the radio/speakers. It came with a sheet metal plate where the radio is supposed to be and pioneer speakers Can anyone let me know what kind of radio was supposed to come with it along with any other suggestions. Thanks
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1971 Super Beetle came stock with a Sapphire XV.  It was an AM radio made by Motorola.  The optional AM/FM radio was the Sapphire XVI.
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Welcome to the forum.  Congratulations on the purchase.  If interior work is your challenge you are fortunate indeed.  Quality interior products are readily available for Beetles.  Check out TMI industries and the web sites for CIP1 and other suppliers.  A headliner is a bit of a job.  The material is not that expensive but it is a bit more of a challenge to do it and get it looking professional.  There are a number of ways to mount the speakers.  I have mine in specially built housings which fit just to the left of the driver's left knee and to the right of the passenger's right knee. (if you can picture that)  This keeps the back open and available and you do not have to cut into your door panels.
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