Hello everyone, I have just brought some nice Corbeau GTB Recliner seats from Big Boyz Toys for my '73 1303s I went to buy the sub frames but was informed by them as I have the 3 point seats connections I can't get any for my car. Does anyone out there know where I can get some to fit a Corbeau seat??????
Thanks for you help
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Here's a thread I found at The Samba;

I f you going to throw away the current seats then what u do is take off all the material and strip off the springs. You'll be left with the base of the seat which fits perfectly onto the bug floor plan. then weld any seat that will fit according to width and height.

Or try http://www.cip1.com for universal seat mounts #C26-854-121 - UNIVERSAL SEAT TRACK MOUNTS - BOTH SIDES SLIDE ADJUSTABLE
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