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Skip down to the local library and see if they have the Muir book and/or the Bentley manual.  Mine had both, so I was able to use them until mine came in.

So, the battery checked out.  Ok, take a look at the grounding straps.  There should be one at the battery (obviously) and there is another one connected on the driver's side of the transmission.  Look at the condition they are in, and the condition of the connections at each end.  If they look nasty, you can clean them up with contact cleaner (Radio Shack, Home Depot, etc).  Make sure to disconnect them and clean the contact points too.  If they are ragged and nasty, it's time to replace them.
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Update from a long day that became even longer.  I had class in Tulsa today, about a 70 mile drive and I took the bug because I needed to take it by my insurance agent for my cards and them to get pics.

1) It started just fine in the morning
2) I stopped to put the top up, a bit chilly, and I left it idling and it died (I've noticed recemtly  that the idle drops when it is first started, but it is fine after its been running awhile).  I was a bit afraid, but it started right up without any problems.
3) At the lunch break, it wouldn't start.
4) I tried to jump it and nothing, just the two red lights
5) I got pushed and it started right up (I put it in 3rd gear as advised)
6) I went to the insurance place and didn't have any problems starting it after that stop or after lunch.
7) When class got out at 5, it wouldn't start again.
8) Jumping didn't work
9) I tried the rocking it backwards in 3rd gear thing again and nothing
10) When we went to push it, it didn't start that way.  I don't know if I might have flooded it-thinking it was making a starting noise and pushing the gas-but haven't a clue.  We ended up pushing it all over the parking lot and it didn't start.  We pulled in an extra person to help and they were convinced that I should be doing it in a lower gear, since he was pushing I humored him and needless to say it bucked but didn't start. 
11) We parked it at this point and called AAA.  When got out, he hooked up the battery charger to it and that didn't do anything, still the two red lights.
12) I was happy to see when I got home that my Muir book was in the mail, so I'll start in on it.  I also found out that one of my neighbors has had a few VWs in the past, so he might be able to tinker with me.

Any thoughts appreciated, you can even direct me to page numbers.  Also let me know if there are things in the Muir book I need to disreguard, I got the anniversary version.

As to your message Cobey, I thought I understood the grounding strap, but may not.  I know the one on the battery that then connects to the body, it looks like the guy I got it from put a new bolt and washer with it and looks clean.  What is the other one you mention?  I figure I'll be spending some time under this soon and will see it down there.  Thanks for your help.

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The other one is under the car, connecting the transmission to the body on the driver's side.
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This is something to look into, however disconnect your battery before trying this. There are two wires on the starter, a fat one and a skinny one, the fat one leads directly to the + on the battery, and if you short that to ground with the battery connected, it will be a rather shocking lesson. The skinny wire is from the relay, it's what causes the starter to engage and start the car. The skinny wire on the starter might not be making good contact on the starter. I had that happen on my 74 super 2 years ago, I just disconnected the wire and squeezed the connector "just a bit" with pliers so when I reconnected it, the wire had a good connection/wouldn't fall off. I haven't had a starting problem since then.

Ps. the muir book is a good read, even just to read it, the way it's written actually makes it faciniating.

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