Hey all, I recently just put my new master cylinder in the exact same way I took it out, but after closer inspection on the guide I was using from vw trends (71 super project) I noticed when they put the new mastercylinder in they screwed the 2 brake light sensors in the top instead of the bottom, note the second pic and fourth.

So my question being if this is how I should be installing my mastercylinder?


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I personally say the switches should go in the bottom.  This way air bubbles won't get caught up in them.  With the lines on the top, air will flow out naturally when you bleed the brakes.  --Ryan

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The article also refers to early mastercylinders with residual pressure check valves and says you should never interchange them. Good luck finding such a M/C, they've been obsolete for years and the 113 611 015BH (not 015B as mentioned in the article) is the universal replacement part for all Supers.
If you'll look into the bottom of the holes you'll see restriction drillings (tiny little holes ~1/16" in diameter) in the ones that are supposed to have the lines connected to them, as well as the seating surfaces for the bubble-flared brake lines to seal against. The two holes where the switches go have neither restriction drillings nor seating surfaces, and aren't even the same thread (they're a similar-sized tapered thread). In other words, the car in the article probably has some brake fluid leakage unless they corrected the error after the photo was taken.
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Marc is correct as usual...
As usual I painted My Master cylinder yellow so it would work correctly..
Have a great New Year everyone on the forum...
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