I set up a new test forum and wanted to get some opinions on it.


One big problem is that we would lose all of the post in this forum. What do you think?
Wayne Dean
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Hi Wayne, looks pretty good. While I don't mind the fourm just the way it is this new setup looks quite nice, more options and such. I would say that I could go either way, it just depends on what is easier on you (it's a great site and you do a good job anyway!)as the moderator of this web site.
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I'd have to agree, you do an awesome job, Wayne. I do like the new lay out with the way it's styled plus the new options. It'd be a shame to lose all the posts here though. Lots of good information stored in these pages.

I guess my official opinion is whatever is easiest for you. I could work with either one.
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digging the new layout. hell i say go for it

you did what???
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