Motor cycle or Bicycle maybe.. or from a choke cable.. You could have used a choke cable to open the bonnet..
I know a fellow who has the pull cable [choke cable] mounted directly under the front of the car below the catch itself.. cable is VERY short..
I believe having the bonnet latch handle inside the glovebox was a mistabe by VW.. OK on Cabriolets, where You can lock the glovebox and no one can get into the bonnet when the top is down... but for sedans... not good..
Maybe if the glovebox material was fiberglass or something stronger than cardboard.. it would be OK...
VolksWagenWerk knew how long Beetles lasted..!!
My 68 Beetle has a rubber knob under the dash on the LHS..
Now that is a good idea...

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A few questions on the hood/cable release. My old glovebox was all tore up, so I replaced it with new plastic one, and riveted the new hood release caple to it with 3 rivets. Now, on the white plastic cover for the cable, there were 2 rivets about a foot away from the point where i riveted the handle. There were no other holes in the new glove box, and the other glove box was disintigrated, so i could not see where it WAS riveted.

On the white plastic cable cover/sleeve, it is cracked in half about 3 feet from the glove box. Of course this is NLA, but has anyone found a substitute that works? Bicycle cable covering maybe? I want to be able to actually latch the hood when i go to the store.

Also, in case anyone needs one, the dealer still carries the original cable for about $4
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