I installed a new carb and distrubitur some new spark plug wires new battery and I still can not get my 73 sb started. It just turns over and over but doesnt want to start. HELP PLEASE? makes me cry.
Geoff 73' Super Beetle "Not Running"
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Need to just start at the beginning and go through it, not a lot needed to get it started.
Do you have power AT the plugs when it is turning over? (Power)
Is there fuel at the carb? (Fuel)
What is the position of the choke and throttle plates in the carb? (Air)
Those three is all that is needed. Beyond that you start getting into Timing, Valve Lift, Ect.
Start with the basics and be sure that plug wires are in correct order.
Good Luck
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How do I know if the distrubuter is wired up correctly?
Geoff 73' Super Beetle "Not Running"
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You forgot compression. Thats most important. It's hardest one to fix. fuel and spark are external and can be easily repaired.

Do you have points dist??? If so it goes.... key on + to + side of coil    then - side of coil to points and condenser. And of course center High output terminal to center of dist cap. When points close they charge the condenser. When points open circuit is broken and condenser discharges which causes a spike which causes high side to step up the voltage and cause a spark. the terminal the rotor is pointed to at that time is the shortest path so it sparks at that spark plug.

Simply put, the points is the switch that turns the ground off and on to fire the coil. The hot side is always on if the key is on.
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What you need to do is the full routine for a non-operative engine.
1. Do you have spark at the spark plug ? Pull the number 1 spark plug out of the engine. ( passenger side of the car toward the front is #1)  Attach the plug to its plug wire.  Ground the plugs bottom electrode against the engine block.  Do not touch any part of your body to the car, just hold the electrode against the block.  Have someone turn over the engine.  You should see a spark - nice and bright blue - jumping across the gap in the plug.
2.  Do you have fuel?  Is the line from the fuel tank free?  Can you pull it off of the fuel pump and blow through it to the tank?  Can you take the line from the pump to the carb off at the carb?  Put the line into a container and have someone turn over the engine.  Are healthy squirts of fuel coming out of the line?
Start with these two tests and get back to us.  We can trace problems from there once we know what you are lacking. 
Dan (MY72BUG) in Goderich

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