Will seats out of a new Beetle model fit into a 72' Super Beetle?

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With the right amount of fabrication, you can get any seats you want in there.  I'm planning on putting a set of high back buckets out of an 85 Z28 in my super.  It's not that hard to weld up a couple brackets.
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I'm refurbishing a set of 78 vert seats to put in my 74... I've always liked the look of those seats. They still look very factory and yet they're quite comfortable and supportive.

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91lespaul wrote:

Will seats out of a new Beetle model fit into a 72' Super Beetle?

Guessing I would say definately NOT...
late beetles 75-78 seats had 3 attachment points..
where all earlier beetles had two rails....
maybe an early golf/rabbit seat might... 1976>

Newer cars all have mounts made to safety specifications...

Many new cars have the seat adjusters etc all under the seat
and the complete seat assembly just bolts to the floor with 4 bolts..

the mounts may have to be heightened so You would not be sitting
below dash height....


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I'm useing seats from a 93 BMW 325 in my 64 beetle on stock sliders, I fabricated.

the 71 72 seat track set up is different from 71 down and the 73 up to I believe the New Beetles.

I'm sure if you get the mount set up from any NB or Golf  you could weld them to the flat bottom of your 72.

there is or was a company that would make any seat adaptor set-up It might be Scat.
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