Hi  I have a 73 Super Beetle with the autostick trans. I want to swap it out for a 4 speed. I need to know what I need to do/get to make this possible.

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I've always been told that the swap is fairly simple as long as you have the proper stuff inside the car already. Check to see if you have a piece in your tunnel for a clutch cable.. Generally there is.. and then you got ot get a set of peddles with the clutch attachment. After that a 4 speed trans, remove all the piping for the old one and after doing all that you have to get a starter taht will match the trans.. If you have an ORIGINAL starter still on the autostick it will work but i've heard of complications of te bosch from an auto to a 4..

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Yes I still have all of the autostick stuff. The beetle runs and drives right now, but i dont like the autostick. I would rather have a 4 speed.

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You will need a standard single engine oil pump...
or an upgraded one,,
autosticks have a dual pump...
block the vacuum pipe on the inlet manifold, just below the carburetor.

You will also need a flywheel.. clutch throw out bearing etc..

try Not to wreck the torque converter and flexplate on the engine..
there are many Austostick owners who need spares..

the gearlever can be reused...
just tighten up the contact points where it moves to change gears..
so the gearlever is solid... as per normal...

You will have to change the lockout plate Under the gearshift lever to a manual one...
and you will need a front gearbox mount as the autos are different..

thats all I can think of at the moment...


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