Hello, I'm new to the forum and would appreciate any input you might be able to offer.  I have the opportunity to purchase a1976 Super Beetle convertible. The asking price is $12500 firm. The present owner, who happens to own the shop I bring my cars in for service, completely rebuilt the engine and has done refurbishing of the entire car with the exception of the transmission.  The car has 117000 miles on it. I inspected it and found no evidence of rust in the obvious places and the car appears to be in excellent condition.  I don't doubt the honesty of the owner obviously, I am simply wondering if $12500 is a reasonable price for a reconditioned car that he calls a "turnkey". I don't mind paying a premium price, but any of the sites I have looked at rarely price a comparable car at that amount. I need to let him know by the end of the week and would really appreciate any direction you might be able to offer based on obviously little information. there something I should consider as I look at the car again?  Thanks in advance.

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For a cabrio, maybe. For a coupe, no. I can't say for sure, but go with your gut instinct.
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It is my guess that you live somewhere in the Eastern United States.  That's my guess, anyhoo.  Air-coolers out here are always a bit pricier than, say, the South-Western States.  Okay, A LOT MORE PRICEY than the South-Western United States.  But I digress...


As to the worthiness of this car having a price tag like this on it, that is entirely up to yourself.  Do you feel a lot of play / jiggle when you use your hands to wiggle the front wheels?  Is there significant oil leakage?  In what shape are the floor pans (a good way to judge is to look under the back seat and check out the battery tray area)?  Is the engine stock or all tricked out (depending upon which will fit into your needs and life-style)?  This latter bit is significant when the subject of replacing worn parts becomes an issue.


Take the car for a drive.  Does it wobble above a certain speed?  The ultimate test is to just sit in the car.  Scrunch your tuchass around in the seat.  Flip the visors.  Open and close the glove box.  Try the heat controls.  Spend some quality, quiet time with the car and see if you two can become friends (latter advice is from John Muir, but I like it).  Listen carefully to the engine.  Feel how the shifter goes into each gear.  If everything about the car fits what you want, and you do feel a personal connection to the vehicle, then go for it.  If this guy has done as much to the little car as he says, then it may be worth the bread he's asking for it.



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I have a feeling you came in here looking for a solid number. You won't find it here. Many of us have a special connection with air cooled beetles, and we value things a bit differently than numbers. Well, most of us anyways. My suggestion is to just go with your gut instinct. Volkswagen Beetles aren't glorious wonderully fine tuned cars like a ferrari. A volkswagen beetle simply gets the job done. The heat sucks, the lack of a/c sucks, the power sucks, the ride can suck. I for one don't care about any of that, because one of my fondest memories as a child was riding in my sister's with the windows down and the engine humming. They smell like gas all the time, and they have many problems. It takes a special breed to own a beetle, and enjoy it. So I would advise asking him for a 50 mile test run. Take it out on the highway for a few minutes, down the street for a few minutes, park it in your driveway for a bit, and just enjoy the living piss out of it. If you have a grin on your face the whole time, and if you feel like you are in heaven, then by all means buy it. If not, then you would be more suited towards either a different car, or a less expensive volkswagen. Sorry for the rambling, but I have to say that every time I am within a hundred feet of my car, I get this feeling like I am floating on air.
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Maybe look around a bit,For example: My wife bought her 78 vert with 15,000 miles on it completely stock right down to the F.I. Absolutely no rust and it runs ,looks and drives like it's brand new,I choked on the price she paid ( a fair amount less than 12500).I found prices all over the place  but 12500 seems to be on the high end to me.

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I agree with the other posts.. Hard to tell without seeing ourselves. I don't think I would give him more than 10K, but that's my guess. I bought a '73 for  1k and my 79 for 3K.. worth about 10K now after resto job. Again go with your gut. From your description though, don't think I would give more than 10K. Search on Ebay also and give yourself an Idea if "Firm" really is "Firm", know what I mean.. Good Luck.. Joe

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  Pleease pleeease dont pay that man 12 500. And it has tranny problems. If you have cash. Buy one for a grand, then fix it up your self. you will have way less than that in it once you finish. You should be able to find a vert and make it brand new for that price. without any problems and with a nice paint job that will last for years. There are a few things to look for when buying.. Email me for a list. Please do not pay for this car .. You will be very unhappy.... You can get a vert 99 percent reconditioned on some websites or around town from people that need the money, Not someone that wants to ripp you off... That vert is not worth that price at all.. I am sorry if anyone gets mad but it is true and you can't tell me it isn't...

  email me @    email me and i will give you a list of what to look for because i  have been there and know a little...  BY THE WAY IS THIS A SPECIAL EDITION CAR??????




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Unless it is a special edition, $12.5k is a lot, even for a vert on the east coast. If it were a mint condition low mileage car, that would bump its value up a bit, but still I think $12.5k is a it high. You can probably get one in like condition shipped from teh west coast for around half that. My guess is that the owner paid to have it reconditioned and now wants the $$ back, or, has been listening to the Jetta commercial on the radio.
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Greetings. 12.5 is a bit high in my opinion also. For that price there should be nothing left to do to it. You mentioned the tranny was still original. For that price I'd want a show quality vehicle with nothing I had to mess with for quite some time, other than the usual maintenance. Unless your dead set on that car, I guarantee you can find one cheaper. Living on the East Coast,I've traveled to get all of my VW's. They definitely are cheaper the farther West you go. I just saw a 68 on another site for $6K, convertible, completely all original. is a good place to start. Good Luck to you in your search.
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