I have recently purchased a 72 super and cannot get it to idle.  It starts fine, but after it warms up it dies.  I have noticed two hoses that have been plugged by a previous owner and am curious at what they are for and if they are related to the idle problem.  I have circled the hoses in question.

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Its for the dual vac advance distributor.. you have a 009 which tends to get worse mpg and has a flat spot generally.. Though i've read you can fix the flat spot.. Anyway the left is for the retard and the front is for advance.. of the distributor..

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Jerky_san is right.  As for the dying once it warms up, I would check your electric choke which may not be working properly.

'71 Superbeetle Auto-Stick
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the automatic choke usually do need adjusting every now and then
loosen the three screws that hold the automatic choke..
then take the air filter off...
if the air filter is steel/metal it has oil in it, so don't tip it up when taking it off...
when you look down the throat of the carburetor
You will see the auto choke flap...
watch it while turning the auto choke...
the flap should be just about closed...
now tighten one of the screws so it won't move...
and start the engine...
there is a wire going to the automatic choke and the choke will get hot after a minute or so,,, and the flap will open,
if You engine still cuts out.. its something else..
VW engines have the old points system in the distributor, which need renewing and adjusting now and then...
as they do wear...
so, a tune up by a person who knows what they are doing can fix your problem very quickly...
[that doesn't include ordinary Non VW mechanics...]

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