New to the Super Beetle thing and I need some info on the suspension.  This thing tends to sway all over the road on the highway.  I just had the front end checked and all was OK.  Struts seem a little soft to me, but no leaks.  I just installed new gas shocks on the rear.  The steering is tight with no problems. The rear end just feels like its going to come around with the slightest steering input at highway speed.  Any ideas?  Would a rear sway bar help?


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Have you checked the wheel bearings?  My own car felt similar on the road, until I replaced the front bearings, inner and outer.  It's a bugger to do.  Set aside a whole afternoon!  LOL.  Your problem may be the bearings in the rear.  Have them checked out and / or replaced as needed.  These little VW's are marvelous, sturdy and reliable little smontzess, but they do require the simple things like that to be working well / in good repair.


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