Well, I finally took the dive into aircooled VW's. I picked up a very rough 72 Super with an autostick the other day. I've always wanted one, and finally got one dirt cheap. I also own a 92 Jetta, 86 GTI and a 90 Audi 90 Quattro. I should have pics of the car up by this weekend.

The car was found by a friend of mine sitting in someone's yard in Harrod, Ohio. Thankfully, I have a garage pretty much right down the road from there in another small town. I still haven't completely looked over the car, and I'm going to try and get the car started this weekend. Apparently the car ran before it was parked about 5 years ago.
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If you saw Woody Allen's movie "Sleeper" he started a Beetle that had been in a cave for 100 years. He commented. "they sure did build them".

Good luck and welcome to the site!
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I just picked up a '72 super too.
I've noticed on a couple baords several people have bought '72 super's.
Me thinks it's weird.

Welcome to the insanity! 
[b]One day![/b]
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 There's nothin' weird about that.  They just have good taste!
A Super that is well cared for has many advantages over the standard bugs. The secret is to take care of them.  That's why I have a highly qualified VW mechanic.
Good luck and enjoy!
Loren R. Knapp
In The Hot Sonoran Desert of Arizona - 73 Super Beetle "The Blues."
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Congrats on the "find" around here, seen alotta Transporters, but barely any Beetles. I'd like to submit some advice, if you are in a hurry to see if it runs, try turning that motor over by hand first. Check that thare oil. I'd also not have the fuel line hooked to the tank (for after five years that maybe a gook, not a fine varnish-might even be gone hopefully) so as to not to draw any crap into the carb. I can't tell you for what may be in the fuel lines either.
If you have access to a demo derby style boat fuel tank, utilize it. What is great is with a little work, you can have that VW tank out and checked/changed in a jiffy. Foust's radiator shop doesn't do fuel tanks, already asked, he seems to think the nearest thing to us is trying Ft. Wayne.
Or see Larry Roose about a new one, or Larry's in Dayton...
Good luck, hope to see you about in it....
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have you got a 1303 (curved windshield) or 1302 (flat winfshield) SB?

From ITALY...with love!(for VW!)

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'72  so it's a flat windshield.

[b]One day![/b]
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