Hello, my 34 - 3 pict carb is idling too high.  Can I just adjust the idle with the volume control screw?  I read dave and rob's procedure but, they want you to adjust the bypass also.  I watched a "vw vintage carb adjustment" video on youtube and they show using only the volume controll screw.  They said you should not touch the bypass screw.  Is this correct even though the carb is so old now?  Before, the car was not even running at idle due to the idle shut off valve not working.  I replaced that, but now I have the high idle.  Thanks for any help!  I would just like some input before I touch it.

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When I made the adjustments to my 34-3, I used both of them. I too used Rob and Dave's procedure as a reference. It took some tweeking but it purred like a kitten when I was done.

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