hey guys, i was wondering if any of you guys have used the msd 6 series ignitions with the blaster coil?
good results? power? quicker accelaration?
im considering it...
thanks a bunch, you guys are a great help...

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Compared to a 'properly' setup stock ignition, you won't notice any more power.  It will however make things feel smoother.  Startup and low idle should noticeably improve, and it'll actually help emissions a bit.  --Ryan

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i have a full set on my 73 spark plug wires , coil, distributor,an a 6a box and i got to tell you is smother but while more rpms i get more powerfull feels the car, great in high ways, you can feel the rpms trough the sky. you feel like the power is always there. i experienced an really big improvement when i changed from a pertronix 009 to this look like another car not just to me to everybody who tried it . its great. willy.
deutchsland uver alles.
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