Call me crazy! I have a 1971 Super Beetle and I can not figure out what mystery button or knob goes next to the wind shield wiper control. Mine is missing and I would like to replace it. Also there is a mystery knob/button in the glove box that the writing has worn off and I do not know what it goes to either. It is in the back of the glove box and comes out the back. The wires have been cut. There is one  black and one red. Please help?

I am new at this and the wiring on the thing is all messed up! We are trying to put this ol' girl back to her original, but I'm having trouble as this is all new to me. Thanks all help is needed.





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Well I've never heard of a button in the glovebox...

I believe it could be non-genuine....

between the headlamp & wiper switch on the dash is a two speed fan switch and the button to check the dual circuit brake warning lamps..


I've never seen these two items on a RHD Beetle in Australia...

On the 1976 standard Beetle, the two holes were there, but two blanking plugs were used.... they weren't on earlier model beetles...

in Australia...


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