I was given 4 brand new MINI cooper wheels, and was wondering if I can put it on my 73 Super through some sort of wheel adaptor but cannot seem to find anything like that online. Does anyone know how or seen this work? Thanx
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Stay away from the Wheel adaptors if at all possible. They are weak, moves the tire farther out toward the fender which gives clearance issues and increases stress on the suspension parts. And just in general puts something else on the car that you don't need that can break. There are a lot of companies out there that can drill and tap most any pattern in to VW drums and discs and this is the way to go. Also there is more to mounting those rims to your Bug than just the bolt pattern... check the offset (where the center bolt pattern area is mounted inside the actual rim) as this can give clearance issues also.
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you may also need some body work on the wings to fit the tyres properly. and don't forget you will not have any spare as the bolt spacings will be different, or you will need to buy an extra wheel to have your spare. what is the dimensions of the wheels and the tyres? that may help us give you better suggestions.

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Sell those wheels and buy some for a 914, don't forget to buy the correct lug bolts$$

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