I realize that the answer to this can very depending on where you live and who does your work, but I'm trying to get a picture of what it will cost me to have my engine machine work done when I rebuild my 1600cc.  Assume the basics - Align bore, case savers (if it needs them), crank and rods redone, heads redone.  That should do it.

I'm hoping all this is doable for equal to or less than the cost of a new case, but of course, I have no idea.
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   There is a company in el paso texas if you live close to there you can get a rebuild engine case and all for 850.00 out the door. that is a great price and they have tons of experiance from what I have been seeing...
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What case do you have, and do you have any idea about how many miles/rebuilds it has on it? If it's an AE or later and the lifter bores are still good, it may be worth machining. Besides align-bore (and quite likely thrust cut) if it needs the cam tunnel resized, case savers installed, and decking you could be looking at around $200 in machine work - new Brazilian cases can be had for around $300 (plus 8mm head studs if you don't have them).
Here's Rimco's price sheet:
A local shop might charge more; it'll cost round-trip shipping to go to Rimco but for extensive work it'd be worth it. Funny that they don't mention the charge for thrust-cutting...IMO the best way to do that is to cut just enough from the case to clean it up and then put an oversized-thrust bearing in the lathe and trim it to match (which means they'll need to know the main journal size so they can get the correct set of bearings. 
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