Hello my name is Konrad. It’s my first time in this forum I hope my question isn’t repeat.

I want to lower my 72’ 1303 beetle in front (3 bolt model). Now i have lowering springs (50 mm) but i want more. When i look for something more i find “Adjustable McPherson Struts 1302/03”

“Suitable for all 1302/3 Beetles, use these when lowering the front suspension more than 2-3 inches. Shortened inserts, which must be used, are supplied separately.”


what are you thinking about that?  somebody test it?

Thanks for answer
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Welcome to the forum Konrad. You'll find a lot of info on lowering your Super if you use the search option here, but don't ever worry about asking any question.

As for lowering your 1303 we usually recommend http://www.toplineparts.com/ They are Super Beetle lowering experts! You can check at their site and see if what they sell matches up to what you can get in the UK. If not I'm sure that Jon would be happy to ship you what you need.

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Thanks, I've got a few adresses where you can get one of these. The point is, how durable are they and are there any problems with them? Eg. does the volume regulation break down?

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nobody test it?
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