My wife wants a super beetle convertible but I know nothing about them and would like advise.  What is the last year they were manufactured for state side sales, what is the best one to look for and where should I look.  I don't want a project car, I want to find one for her that is dependable.

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The Super Beetle Convertible was made from 1971-1979. The 1971 and 1972 model are called the 1302 and feature a flat front windshield and flat dash. The 1973-1979 models are called the 1303 and have the curved front glass and wrap-around dash.

You're most likely going to find them in better shape the newer you get. Look for rust in the heater channels, under the seat near around the battery area and the floor. If you're not looking for a project you will find a lot of rust-free newer ones in the 8-15k range. Good luck!
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MY72BUG is a 1972 model 1302 convertible and I undertook the restoration myself from 1999 to 2003.  The best piece of advice I can give you is THINK BODY.  The mechanicals and interior are not a big deal.  The type of work that is needed to restore the bodies of these cars is expensive ( that is labour not parts) so search out a rust free southern car.  Take along someone who knows these cars.  Take a long hard look at the underside especially the door thresholds which are made of components called "heater channels".  Under the heater channel, on convertibles only there is a long structural piece called a reinforcement rail.  Check these for tack welded metal "scabbed" onto them.  This is a sign that hack body work was done to the car.  On the super beetles the spare tire is stored flat in a tire well under the front hood.  To each side of this are towers which hold the front suspension which is MacPherson strut.  These strut towers are very important in the structure of the car.  They too must be rust free.  I started with a $1000 car and wound up putting $7000 in body work at two shops.  Luckily enough, I did the mechanical and electrical work myself.  It was a long row to hoe but I ended up with a good car.  I just wouldn't advise following my approach.  As Wayne says, 8-15 will get you a nice car but look carefully and watch for the cheap body work tricks.  Check the website Collector Car Trader.com  Punch in Volkswagen and either Arizona or California.  You can widen the search around the country and you will find lots of nice cars.  Try the web site TYP15.com  It is the international VW Beetle Convertible registry in Germany.  The site is in German and English.  It is 100% non-commercial and features some of the nicest 'verts in existence.  #330 is MY72BUG  in Goderich, Ont.  Good luck with the search.  Be careful.   Dan
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