I'm getting ready to replace the floor pans in a 1973 standard Beetle. This is a first for me. I've been told to be careful to not cut into the heater channels. Do the heater channels run along the hump in the middle and along the outside near the running boards?

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There are some very good sites out there focusing on floor pan replacement, and some that deal with heater channel replacement as well.  For 30.00 you can buy the Bug Me video on either job.  I have a copy of Hot VW's "Totally Tech" issue which is available on their website.  It's about 145 pp. of restoration articles from past issues, and covers almost anything you can imagine, including floor pans. It always pays to do your homework first.  (kind've like the old saw "measure twice, cut once" in woodworking)  John Henry's (The Bug Shop) site also does a great job of describing the various levels of restoration, including floorpan resto.  My heater channels only run along the inside lower edge of the doors, and to the kick vents in the front, and up the door pillars to the defroster vents.  Good luck,

John Scribner

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