In this day and age it is nearly impossible to meet someone who has not been affected by cancer. Whether they are a victim themselves, or a family member or friend at one time everyone has experienced a battle aganst this disease. My aunt Vicky had breast cancer early in her life and it seemed that she had won. However, just recently, she had a relapse and as the cancer spread it became too much for her to handle and she lost her battle.

Well..!! On August 12th our entire family (including my wife and our two daughters) landed in Vancouver, BC. to begin a Cross-Canada tour to raise awaremess and funds about the battle that so many women are facing.
Our destination is St John, New Brunswick, arriving in and around the 25th of August, 2006. At this point I will hand the driving over to John Spironello(of John's Bug Shop). John's wife Nancy lost her battle two years ago with Breast Cancer. Together, we hope our efforts will bring more people aware that we need to act now, and help support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation in their research. John will be driving the car from ST. John, NB. to Windsor, Ontario.

We encourage All VW enthusiast to help support us. We need your support. If you wish to catch up with us along the way keep an eye out for our location on My Space or call John's Bug Shop (905) 374-4323, for a more detailed location.

Driving across the country in a "uniquely designed, one of a kind" Volkswagen beetle made of wrought iron, might seem like a bazaar idea for some, but when I suggested it to my family they knew right away that we could pull it off. I have always been interested in cars and during my career as a mechanic and business owner I have spent my spare time restoring VW beetles for fun and recreation. No matter where we go in our car it attracts attention and now we can use it to also bring attention to a very serious disease. All the funds we raise will go directly to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. We'll be journaling our experience on MySpace and speaking at a variety of places across Canada.

We are already amazed at the amount of people who have willingly provided their support, time and effort to help make this journey a success but we still need your help! If you believe you can give towards our cause in any way please contact me today. I look forward to hearing from you.
Brian Mentley

Together we can keep "bugging" and find a cure!

To find out more info about sponsoring us please go here
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