I've got a 79 Super Beetle.  I hadn't started it in 3-4 weeks.  I went to start it last week, and nothing.  It was as if the battery was completely dead.  However, when checking around, I found that the headlights worked as did the dash light for the speedometer. 

When I turn the key, no red or green lights on the dash, nothing.  Just wondering if someone had run into this before or had some advice on what I might check.
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Well if the starter doesn't even turn sounds like your key.. or a wire fell off your starter.. I remember it happen to me. Its a big red once that doesn't screw on but has a male connector on it.. See if its fallen off.. if it is its your major problem. Also if you turn the key on and take a screw driver and connect the connectors with it(would be very careful).. you could "start it"

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Finally Fixed!

Thanks Jerky_san,
I got tired of it sitting in my garage and looking at it, as I could not track down the problem.  I had it towed to a nearby automotive shop, and they diagnosed the problem as a corroded wire at the fuse box.  After a quick repair and a needed valve adjustment - It sounds better than it has in the short time I've owned it, and it starts again!
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