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Not a problem. Now let's all just get along. O garbage, I got 10 minutes to get to school. Later.
73 Super Beetle
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Ok. That firing order didn't work. :'( I don't know what to do.
73 Super Beetle
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You might have to break down and take it to a mechanic in your area just to get it running. After that you can work on fine-tuning it.

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Your timing may be way off, put your engine at TDC and check where your rotor is. It should be ready to fire on #1. Once you get it to that point it should start up and be good enough to get a timing light on it.
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Trying humming this little tune.....It works every time I have mechanical problem with "The Blues".......Hi Ho...Hi Ho...It's off to the mechanic I go." 


Sounds like we have some top notch mechanics tuned into the forum here, but I for one don't know diddly-squat about fixin' the meat and potato parts.


My best advice is have a good reliable VW mechanic lined up. Guess that's why "The Blues" with over 300,000 miles on the original engine is still hummin' along. (Knock on wood!)



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    one word " or two"







   buy one, they are very very informative.......  




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I know how you feel, i'm in high school, (sunny bug in spotlight) and it has taken me months to fix problems that have occured. Good Luck.

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Ok. I got the firing order right. I cranked it over today, and it was blowing smoke out of the muffler, not the carb. Now, I don't think it is getting fuel. The tank was empty, and I primed the carb. Still no go. Any suggestions?
73 Super Beetle
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I don't remember if you said you rebuilt the carb or not, but you might try that. Is this the car that had diesel in it? Hmm....
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