From the prospective of resale value, what is better (higher value):

Completely Stock, to include Saphire Radio and Speakers


Tastefully modified to include CHT, Oil Pressure and Tach Gage Cluster and aftermarket sterio.


So far, my 71 is completely stock......

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If you want resell, I would do it right back stock.. but dont' think u are going to get alot for it. I have one and can't even sell it without a pait job for 1500 and it has a new engine and tranny.. and tires. LOL more new stuff on it.. So becareful.. I would customize it for your self.. They won't sell much..


71 Super Beetle AKA:"THE BUG!!"
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it all has to do with the taste of the buyer.  Purists, no let me rephrase, super beetle purists, would want it totally stock.  The teenager that can't decide between a 15K rice rocket and a bug would want the hot rod parts.


Selling a car without paint is always hard to do, a $300 Maaco job a few weeks before a sale can score a lot on the bottom line though.

71 Super stock
71 Super custom
69 Standard
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The trouble with any mods is we all define "tastefully" different. One seller's mod that increases the car's value in his/her mind is something a buyer looks at and has to figure out how to undo it.

Many mods are more difficult to revert to stock than stock is converted to being modded. And some mods are even more difficult to undo into a different mod. The seller may "sacrifice" a mod at 20 cents on the dollar whereas a buyer isn't paying one extra dime for it.

It isn't worth spending loads of money to return a car to stock, but stock is best.
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