One my right side front fender on my daughters 73 super, the bottom piece of metal to hold the headlight in is missing. Does anyone know if i can get a replacement? I didn't discover this until I got a replacement fender for the left side and compared the two. I was thinking of just welding in a small piece of sheet metal and then drilling two holes were the headlight socket would fit. Would love to find a solution to this minor/major problem. Has anyone here had the same problem and how did you remedy it?



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Hi kycabledog,


is this the threaded piece at the bottom that holds the chrome ring and the headlamp in?


We always had the German type headlamps with bulbs..reflector etc..


but I'm sure You are talking about the bottom bracket that the large headed screw, screws into..

I don't think these would have been a replacement part as I've never seen one missing...

they are welded to the H/L Bucket...

You can't take one off an old fender?

and screw it in place...


best of luck


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With all the rust we had on the bug, the fender bucket I guess had water standing in it and the bottom holder for the socket and bulb rusted out. It didn't leave a hole but the metal screw holder is gone. I think I can fashion another piece like it, but just don't know?

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