It's been a great holiday week end here in the little berg of Bay City, Michigan!  My car has been like a mini-celebrity in his own home town.  Especially since the release of "Herbie, Fully Loaded".  Young people, children and even a few adults have shouted "HERBIE!" as I drive past.  People have been waving and honking, more than usual.  Scares the crap out of me, some times, since even now I'm not looking out to have people greet my car so enthusiastically.  A lot of fuss for a little orange beater whom I haven't yet fully restored.  Really, really cool!


Bay City, Michigan, has the 5th largest fire works display in the nation for Independence day.  There are three days of celebration... each culminating with spectacular fire works.  The first two are just fifteen minute shows.  The last night is the real big wow!  Forty-five minutes of some of the most marvelous pyrotechnics I've ever seen.  Bay City is behind only New York, Philly, D.C. and Los Angeles for their Fourth of July fire works.  This year did not disappoint at all!  We just got back from the show.  Fortunately, we live seven blocks or so from the Saginaw River, where the show is launched, so we walk each year.  Good thing, too.  This year, especially, since I think we exceeded the 100,000 tourists and locals predicted to attend this year's fire works display.


During the day, we had been able to get Gunter (whom I've also nick named "Charlie") to one of Bay City's river-side parks, where he got admiring glances, thumbs up and praises.  I guess it's not surprising, since my car is the only Beetle in town that is an actual "daily driver", and not a show princess.  Though I've seen five other Bugs (one Super and four Standards), they are only sporadically on the streets.  Charlie is always in use.

Daniel Mosher
Resident Cartoonist

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We just finished out long weekend for Canada Day - 138 years old.


Happy 4th of July to our American brothers and sisters!

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